• Undermaster – Enjoy Free Dungeon Fun

    If you’re a fan of classic games featuring dungeons, you’ll enjoy the delightful twist Undermaster brings to the genre of dungeon games. Instead of fighting your way through a dungeon, you have the opportunity to run one of your very own. Build it from the ground up – or rather, down, recruit monsters and build an export empire and conquer the world above in this entertaining free browser game.

    An Online Strategy Game like no other!

    Meet Lovable Minions
    Populate your subterranean lair with earth imps, goblins, trolls, voodoo doctors and more! You’ll meet a wealth of amusing characters as you build your dungeon.
  • Decorate your Dungeon

    Equip your lair with tons of items to give it that classic dungeon game feel: Lava floor tiles, colorful torches, and chests of treasure are just some of the accents you can use to spice up your free browser game experience.

    Familiar Features and New Twists

    You’ll fight with monsters and against monsters, as you know it from your favorite classic games. But Undermaster adds a whole new dimension - you’ll also tend to your monsters’ needs, create appropriate living spaces, supply food, and even attention for your needier creatures – such as the recognition-hungry succubus – the balance of which makes Undermaster a unique online strategy game. And when you’re not busy fighting, you can create an economic export empire as well.
  • Play Free and Conquer Unique Challenges

    As you extend your dungeon in this free browser game, more and more opportunities will open up to you. At first, your humble earth imps will show you the ropes: How to build rooms and equip them, how to see to it that your lair attracts all manner of creatures. As your glory increases, so will the challenges you need to face: earning money by exporting goods to the world above, balancing the complex relationships between your minions and learning how to optimally use your motley horde in battle to conquer cities in the world above. Monstrous fun and countless lovingly-detailed creatures await you in this refreshing twist on classic games – delve into the depths of the earth and discover it for yourself – free!
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    Ready to be a dungeon master? You’ll learn everything about Undermaster in our game forums!
  • Undermaster Stats
    Release Date: 2014-11-25
    Developer: King Art
    Producer: Upjers
    Number of Players: n.a.
    Plattform: Browser
    Genre: Tycoon Strategy Game
    Theme: Dungeon
    Language: English

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Undermaster ScreenshotUndermaster Screenshot

Undermaster ScreenshotUndermaster Screenshot

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