• Dungeon Games - A New Twist on a Classic Genre

    Dungeon games are a cornerstone of the gaming world. For decades, players have been fighting their way through dark, damp strongholds filled with all sorts of traps and dangerous monsters. The scenery is gloomy and the dangers lurking below are only illuminated by torches and the eerie glow of lava. Dungeons are forbidding places – yet once they are conquered, they will reward adventurers with fantastic loot, gold, weapons and more. The free browser game Undermaster creates a new spin on this familiar genre. As in other dungeon games, there are dark, dreary passages. And torches. And lava. And yes, even monsters. But here, you are the one running it all. The monsters are your loyal minions, and you are on a mission to build and create the most notorious dungeon of all time, and conquer the world above.
  • Undermaster – a Monstrously Fun Free Browser Game

    If you’re into monsters and strategy games, you will love the delightfully dreary world of Undermaster. You will construct your very own subterranean lair from scratch. Helpful minions will guide you as you learn the basics of monster management, because running a dungeon is more than just hollowing out a cavern and stuffing it with creepy creatures. In this exciting browser game, you’ll need to build your empire from the ground up, …er down. Clear passages and strategically furnish all sorts of work and living spaces to attract roaming monsters from all over the world. Use their unique skills and abilities to fashion an intricate, smoothly running dungeon operation that will provide you with the tools and funds to create the atmosphere you know and love from other dungeon games –completely free!
  • Be a Dungeon Master and Rule your Lair

    Keeping all your minions content requires a certain amount of cunning. You will need to satisfy their needs for them to work as efficiently as they can, and so that more monsters will join you. For instance, your first minions, the earth imps, are fairly easy to care for: All they need to be happy is sleep. Build them a nice dorm room (you can even furnish it with a bogeyman wardrobe so that they don’t sleep too much) and they’ll happily slave away quarrying rocks, hollowing out rooms, laying floor tiles, cooking, and doing whatever else you require of them. The more illustrious creatures in Undermaster are more demanding. Goblins will insist on having a workshop and being supplied with a near-constant stream of food. For them to work even more efficiently, they can use tools crafted by trolls in a smithy, or build objects researched with the help of warlocks’ arcane knowledge.
  • Test your Strategic Prowess in Battle Online

    There’s more to do than just coordinating your monsters’ day-to-day lives in this lovingly-designed browser game. Once your dungeon is up and running, you can hire mercenary monsters to start a crusade against the cities of the world above. The battles are unlike anything you’ve seen before in dungeon games and will put your leadership skills to the test. To be a successful conqueror in this online strategy game, you’ll need to consider your monsters’ attack styles and special abilities when positioning them. For instance, some monsters attack anything within reach; others single-mindedly pursue whatever is in front of them. Fragile units, such as the battle doctor and the warlock should be kept out of the range of hard-hitting melee opponents; battle imps should be positioned that they can reach the enemy’s city walls – so that they can do what they do best: tear them down.
  • Meet Hordes of Lovable Monsters in this Free Online Game

    As you expand your dungeon, you will encounter countless amusing characters in Undermaster; ranging from shy, subservient earth imps to attention-hungry, sultry succubi. Share your dungeon with dim-witted but talented troll gluttons who will craft you the best weapons around and maniacal little Voodoo Doctors that will dance their feet off in their lab as they heal your wounded monsters. Watch your warlocks research dark arts in the library, and keep an eye on your bloodthirsty vampires, who just might take a bite out of an imp when you’re not looking. The bestiary in this free browser game is truly incredible. Let yourself be whisked away to a dark world full of delightful details and the charm of dungeon games, as you delve deeper and deeper below the earth’s surface.
  • Undermaster Stats
    Release Date: 2014-11-25
    Developer: King Art
    Producer: Upjers
    Number of Players: n.a.
    Plattform: Browser
    Genre: Tycoon Strategy Game
    Theme: Dungeon
    Language: English

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