• A Different Approach to Dungeons

    Dungeons have been done before. Most everyone has fought their way through a dark, damp dungeon, or at least seen one before. But have you ever given any thought to dungeon maintenance? It’s harder than it seems. Have a stab at being a dungeon master in Undermaster. Create your own dungeon, attract monsters and build a glorious subterranean empire!

    Try your Hand at being a Dungeon Master

    Build a Dungeon from Scratch To get started, you’ll have to recruit yourself someone to do the grunt work. Luckily, the subservient earth imps in this entertaining free browser game are there to help.
  • Fulfill your Monsters’ Needs

    A lumpy bed and a sizable sleeping chamber are enough to have them happily quarry rocks for you and cook. Soon, the lair will start attracting more interesting monsters…

    Lure in your own Horde

    Being an Undermaster is no easy task. But with the help of your earth imps, word of your dreadfully delightful dungeon will spread, and monsters from far and wide will come to be part of your empire: goblin inventors, troll smiths, sultry succubi, somewhat deranged voodoo doctors, even some bloodthirsty vampires... All of them will support you in this unique online strategy game. It’s up to you to use their unique skills to your advantage.
  • Expand your Empire

    Once your minions have fashioned you a sprawling underground lair, you may want to think about taking over the world above as well. After all, as a feared dungeon master, you now have a capable albeit somewhat mottled horde in your hands, and you can take your strategy game to the next level: the surface! It’s up to you to position your monsters according to their unique capabilities in battle. Let your earth imps do what they do best: tear down walls. Your succubi can use their charms to rob opponents of their special gifts. Or, if battle isn’t quite to your taste, you can also build an economic empire, and secure the world above’s garden gnome supply. You have all the options in the world as a dungeon master!
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  • Undermaster Stats
    Release Date: 2014-11-25
    Developer: King Art
    Producer: Upjers
    Number of Players: n.a.
    Plattform: Browser
    Genre: Tycoon Strategy Game
    Theme: Dungeon
    Language: English

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Undermaster ScreenshotUndermaster Screenshot

Undermaster ScreenshotUndermaster Screenshot

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