• It’s time for a something different fantasy game

    Sick of sunshine and flowers? Could do without that warm, gentle breeze? Then come to Undermaster, and enjoy the delights of your very own, dreary dungeon in this gripping strategy game. Have your minions excavate an underground lair as befits your status of an infallible lord of the depths. Pile up treasures, send your horde into battle, and bask in the limitless admiration of your unworthy minions.

    Rule your subterranean lair

    Attract monsters to do your bidding
    Provide work rooms with special floor tiles to offer roaming monsters an attractive accommodation in this entertaining online roleplaying game.
  • Decorate your dungeon

    Just because you’re in a dark underground lair, doesn’t mean you can’t give decorating a whirl. Impress your minions with your dreadful taste!

    Play free, amass Glory, win allies

    Brightening your monsters’ dreary existences pays off in Undermaster. Some nice torches and a lumpy carpet, a few bowls of stew, and some hastily assembled furniture will have your underlings spreading tales of your generosity and horribleness far and wide and bring Glory to your dungeon. Monsters will come from all over to be a part of your budding empire in this online strategy game. Expand your following, then branch out into conquest!
  • More than your average strategy fantasy game

    Earth imps will take care of a lot of the grunt work, but to make furniture and all sorts of other useful inventions, you’ll need the help of the crafty, tinkering goblins. Dimwitted trolls might be too dumb to think straight, but are surprisingly adept when it comes to blacksmithing important tools. The attention -hungry succubus will spur your workers to labor more efficiently, but expects to be complimented regularly. Just as each monster has its value in your dungeon, it also has its special uses in battle. Conquests and sieges require all your strategic skill to coordinate your horde’s positioning and tear down enemy cities. Experience true online gaming and vanquish your foes!
  • Discover even more games by upjers

    Undermaster is only one of the many free browser games offered by upjers. Be it strategy, tycoon or action, fantasy or simulation, there’s something for everyone in upjer’s broad portfolio. And the best part is, there’s no download necessary – play whenever you want, wherever there’s internet!
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  • Undermaster Stats
    Release Date: 2014-11-25
    Developer: King Art
    Producer: Upjers
    Number of Players: n.a.
    Plattform: Browser
    Genre: Tycoon Strategy Game
    Theme: Dungeon
    Language: English

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Undermaster ScreenshotUndermaster Screenshot

Undermaster ScreenshotUndermaster Screenshot

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