• Prove your Strategic Prowess Online

    If you’re looking for a hot new browser game that will test your skill and keep you entertained, look no further: Undermaster offers an entertaining strategy game in a unique setting. As the master of your very own subterranean realm, you will be in charge of your minions’ everyday lives and shape them into a fearsome horde with your cunning mind and cool reasoning.

    Be a Dungeon Master

    Rule however you want in this Monster Game
    Ruling comes easy to some people. Equipped with a lavish throne room and a few loyal followers, you’ve got a great foundation for an empire in this free browser game.
  • Recruit Minions

    Lure in new monsters by creating appealing accommodations to attract specific species of monster – then use them to your advantage!

    Exciting Challenges Await you

    Undermaster isn’t like other online strategy games. Your judgment will be tested in more than one aspect: Not only do you need to coordinate the intricate relationship between your minions within your dungeon to efficiently expand your lair and produce goods for the world above, you’ll also need to learn to use your monsters’ individual skills to maximize their effectiveness in battle.
  • A Strategy Game with an Enticing Combat System

    If you love online strategy games, you’ll enjoy the shrewd calculations you’ll have to make when preparing for battle: Where do you want to place your strongest hitters? Which monsters can provide protection for your more vulnerable fighters, such as the battle doctor? How do various minions’ attack patterns complement each other, for instance the sweeping goblin and the single-minded troll? Where will your warlock’s buff be most effective? Are the battle imps positioned in such a way they can tear down walls? These are only some of the decisions you’ll need to make in this riveting free browser game. Back down in your lair, your leadership skills are also in demand when it comes to balancing your monsters’ needs and abilities.
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    Head on over to the Undermaster game forums to learn more and dive into the depths of the earth!
  • Undermaster Stats
    Release Date: 2014-11-25
    Developer: King Art
    Producer: Upjers
    Number of Players: n.a.
    Plattform: Browser
    Genre: Tycoon Strategy Game
    Theme: Dungeon
    Language: English

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Undermaster ScreenshotUndermaster Screenshot

Undermaster ScreenshotUndermaster Screenshot

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