• Battle with Monsters and More!

    In Undermaster, you will create a subterranean empire from scratch. Play this strategy game online and have earth minions slave away at laying the foundation to an impressive dungeon. Recruit monsters, and lead them into thrilling battles that will test your strategic prowess. Coordinate an export empire and lead your horde to war against the forces of the world above!

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    Discover a Lovingly-Detailed Setting
    It may be somewhat dark and damp, but your dungeon is home for many adorable creatures – and as such you can customize it with many unique dungeon items.
  • Complete Tasks and Learn the Ropes

    You’ll learn the basics through tasks narrated by amusing dungeon characters – these will lay the foundation for entertaining gameplay in this free browser game.

    Experience Strategic Online Combat

    As a successful dungeon master, you will attract a large number of monsters that you can employ within your dungeon, but also lead into exciting battle scenarios. Use your monsters’ special abilities to your advantage and assemble your horde so that their unique fighting styles synergize and give you an edge over your foes. When you’re not busy conquering cities, you can return your attention back homewards in Undermaster.
  • Free Browser Game, Priceless Fun

    Coordinate the intricate everyday lives of your minions. For example, the warlock is a studious creature that can generate knowledge for you. However, to do that, he needs a Library, which is constructed by the hard-working earth imps, who clear rocks and lay floor tiles. Goblins will furnish the room with goods they produce at the work bench. Earth imps will provide delicious meals for the warlocks, and the warlock’s knowledge can be used to research new equipment which other creatures can craft and use. A succubus might occasionally drop in to spur the warlock to work faster. Each of your minions has manifold interactions like these and it’s your job to take charge of them in this strategy game online.
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  • Undermaster Stats
    Release Date: 2014-11-25
    Developer: King Art
    Producer: Upjers
    Number of Players: n.a.
    Plattform: Browser
    Genre: Tycoon Strategy Game
    Theme: Dungeon
    Language: English

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Undermaster ScreenshotUndermaster Screenshot

Undermaster ScreenshotUndermaster Screenshot

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